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Experience the best solution for financial trading by redefining trading methods with Rubideum’s fully centralized and most convenient exchange platform.

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About Rubideum.

Rubideum or RBD is an exchange coin. Being one of the upcoming flagship cryptocurrencies, it will bless investors with a centralized exchange platform in the coming days. Rubideum is nothing but a digital currency that will definitely be the best solution to financial trading. From banking and insurance to online lottery and mutual funds, RBD has a wide range of utilities.

In fact, our independent and secure exchange platform makes trading of Rubideum coins much easier than Bitcoin. Not to mention that buyers can actually contact you right away and you do not even have to move a muscle for it. In no time, investors can trade RBD coins using Rubideum’s trading platform. With the growing demand for Rubideum and for the convenience of customers, Rubideum also has a dedicated hybrid mobile application.

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Key Features

How Rubideum is different from our competitors.

High Speed and Low Costs

Using RBD coins, traders can proceed with immediate funding. Also, unwanted costs can be avoided.

24/7 accessibly in any form

24/7 availability of our community and enable you to use the our platform for any kind of coin trades or investments.

Secured from Hacking

Using Rubideum's centralized exchange platform, accounts can be independent and there will be no possibility of security breach.

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Cost Effective Solution

Owing to a significant decrease in transaction fee, Rubideum's solution aiming at scaling the economy.

Full Control and Secure

Enjoy greater control over your finance and keep frauds at bay through Rubideum's exchange platform.

Protect Your Identity

There is no chance for any suspicious third parties to get involved in trading. Trade can be hassle-free with anonymity.

Why Go For RBD Exchange Platform

As Rubideum is one of the unique flagship cryptocurrencies, there are many out-of-the-box features that make it stand out as the best digital currency in the world.


Rubideum is traded only in U.S. dollars. This is a boon for traders who face heavy losses because of the fluctuations in the crypto industry. Users can trade RBD coins in U.S. dollars with much ease. The days of woe of investors are over as they do not have to worry about losing profits during the conversion process from other cryptocurrencies to Bitcoin’s price.


A few coins come with Rubideum’s exchange platform and according to the demand, rest of the coins are available through the company’s dedicated exchange platform. Using this exchange and RBD coins, users can buy or sell other coins in the future effortlessly. A one-stop solution to trade for a myriad of purposes from banking to online lottery.


Compared to other platforms, Rubideum’s exchange platform charges very less exchange fee. By charging only the seller and not charging for both buying and selling, the exchange platform is very convenient for its users. Also, a hybrid mobile application will help in trading cryptocurrencies seamlessly. The customized mobile application will be easy-to-use and guides users through the entire process of trading digital currencies.


As RBD is a digital currency, moving towards a cashless economy through it will be easier. Cryptocurrencies are gaining importance day by day and Rubideum’s exchange protects the interests of the users by keeping them away from any potential cyber attacks or data leaks. Users can use RBD coins even for making day to day life payments. The list of utility services provided by RBD coins is quite long including flight bookings and mobile recharge.


Besides trading, a number of games and lotteries have also been created for the entertainment purpose of users. They can easily enter and participate in these adventurous online games and lotteries after paying a minimal amount. If anyone gets lucky, they can win attractive prizes. This will, in turn, also help Rubideum grow on a global level.


Through engaging in referral programs, traders can earn free coins, thereby increasing business opportunities for themselves. Inviting families and friends for investing in RBD will also help in earning extra coins. With a customer base that will be growing exponentially, traders can expand their reach worldwide. Being the best combination of features like anonymity during trading and being beyond any institutional control, the release of a limited number of coins ensures that there is a boost in its value in a short span of time.


Rubideum’s first of its kind centralized exchange opens its windows to the entire world for a peer to peer exchange platform. In fact, the top twenty currencies will be available for completing the peer-to-peer transactions.


With the launching of a crypto bank, users can avail the facility of Rubideum loans on a short-term basis. Traders can repay these loans at a minimal rate of interest. Moreover, Rubideum will not be listed in any other cryptocurrency exchange and will only be listed in the coin market cap.

Litecoin fork technology Advantage

For keeping up with the present pace of crypto-world, Rubideum is going to introduce Litecoin fork technology that will help in revolutionizing the RBD exchange platform. The successful integration of Litecoin fork technology will be beneficial in the following ways:

  • Accommodates a larger number of ‘maximum coins’ when compared to Bitcoins
  • Litecoins have a smaller price than Bitcoins for a single unit.
  • Transaction confirmation time while using Litecoins is much lesser than that of Bitcoins. Traders can save time as they do not have to wait for any confirmation.
  • Litecoin uses Scrypt algorithm. RBD being a Scrypt-based cryptocurrency will be more accessible to users who want to participate in the network as miners.


These are some of the frequently asked questions

Q.What is the main mission of the Rubideum group?

The main mission of the Rubideum group is to empower the common man and focus on prosperity by building a secure network for all without compromising on trust and transparency.

Q. What are the benefits of RBD coins?

There are a variety of benefits of using RBD coins. However, they are not limited to the following:

  • Users do not have to worry about losing profits as RBD exchange coins use U.S. dollars for the purpose of trading.
  • Users can enjoy online games and lotteries apart from buying and selling with the help of RBD coins.
  • Promoting cashless payments, RBD coins can also be used to make payments for users’ day-to-day activities.
  • Traders can expand the reach of their businesses with RBD coins through referral programs.

Q. What will happen to unsold RBD coins?

What will happen to unsold RBD coins? All unsold RBD Coins from the Initial Coin Offering will be burnt.

Q. What are RBD coins?

Backed by an expert team of investors with technical and marketing experts, RBD or Rubideum is an independent exchange coin. Also, a team of adept technical experts is aiming at converting RBD into an open source decentralized coin.

Q.How can I invest?

To become eligible for investing, please register on our “Website”. As soon as our ICO goes live, you will receive a notification. You can also drop us an email at “” if you want to take part in the private sale.

Q. What happens to my unused RDB coins? Will they expire?

No, any unused EBN Coins will never get expired. You can always use them at any time as per your convenience.